Explore the Murder Map of London

Ever wondered if you have a ghost in your house? Or how many people got killed on your street? Now, you can find out. Explore the murder map of London:



Ryanair Beta takes cheap traveling to the next level

I just discovered Ryanair’s BETA fare finder which helps you find the cheapest holidays.

Your city -> ANYWHERE -> max budget -> period -> MAGIC

ryanair beta

Film buffs bring it on!

Test your film knowledge in this interactive online game


Sweet… free education from some of the best universities in the world

When a friend send me a link to this site I thought ‘not another shitty online education site’ but I was amazed to see who teaches the courses on FutureLearn. I signed up immediately to several, including Filmmaking course by NFTS, the best film school in the world … sweeeetLOVE_IT

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better best better world 2

Couchsurfing + Journalism made a baby = Hostwriter


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better best better world

Do you know couchsurfing? Great idea right?! This is something as good… BikeSharing aaaand it’s free to join.


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tic toc tic toc time goes by so fast

time goes by so fast so here are 2 amazingly-cool-outrageously-simple sites to help you keep up



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the future is interactive

this is how the future of journalism looks like, exciting stuff



thanks to this Al Jazeera interactive journalism project I found this amazing site which lets you see ships worldwide in real time.

great tool for investigative journalists.


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beautiful girls

which one is your favourite?

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 12.11.44 PM


photography project set to capture the most beautiful girls in the world, models or not



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need a hug or a kiss?!

Now, the Internet can offer you this…as well

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.43.27 AM

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because people are (still) very friendly and hospitable

because everyone smiles at you and talks to you and you will never feel alone

because it is very cheap and even filmmakers can afford stuff

because the noise and the honks blend into the colour so you feel like in an action film 24/7 (ear plugs are a must)

because when you are begging for a sunny day here, there you sit on a beach in Goa and eat roasted sweetcorn and banana milkshake

because it teaches you to be happy with little

and more, but i think this is enough… now go to india (season is november-march)



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we (don’t) need (no) education

In a recent discussion about the education system in Germany, I found out 2 school-children per day commit suicide because of their grades and fear to disappoint teachers/parents. Being such a sensitive subject, the media is not allowed to cover such news stories. It’s sad…

But actually my post is about university courses. University is bloody expensive these days in most countries, so here is an alternative:


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How to piss off …

woke up grumpy this morning, on the bad site of the pillow? you seek revenge on humanity and you want to piss of the first person you meet? I will make life easier for you. This is how:



and you can start by pissing me off !

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The end is near…of 2013

Since I was little, in feet and brain size, i loved watching ads… but not the ones you see on tv on an annoying hourly basis, but the ones advertising companies receive tons of money to produce… oh well … so here I am at the end of 2013 showing you ‘the best ads of 2013’



and for something less popular, but brilliant


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talking about random stuff…

i just discovered…. ZABA SEARCH… is it something people actually use?? the online version of message in a bottle and throw it in an ocean… a big ocean

why dont you type in your name and see if you have a long lost relative in the states who wants to give you a fortune ?!



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new love… (interactive) web docs

A new form of art or education… maybe, for sure these projects are pretty cause stuff is moving in front of your eyes, and there’s an atmo sound of street noise, dogs barking, kids laughing and a voice tells you a story about a forgotten place, grim event or … something else. Give it a try! Click click and see recommendations…

submarine_channelcreators_projectthe block


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more…docs for body and soul

Nowadays, there is no excuse to be stupid or to watch TV. Online you can find everything and everybody. Bored, eager to learn or have no clue what to watch while chewing your food?… and it’s free

doc alliance



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Great free shorts to watch on MUBI

what’s better than LOVEFILM, Netflix and all those VoD sites? MUBI … and right now they are offering lots of free shorts to watch until something July.

Click click click!mubi

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Summer is coming so what better recommendation that most creepy places to visit in the world. Of course, this is a post for rich crazy people! I WOULD GO!


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For Berliners and not only

A great site where you can see on a map the location of fruit trees in your neighborhood and in which time of the year you can eat the fruits. WOW!


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blogs make you smarter

Yeah blogs make you smarter, or at least put a smile on your face. So why not recommend another blog?!

This is a quirky internet child full of little bites of life… uh what?!


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Because stealing is caring (Robin Hood reference), I borrowed the following list from The Creators Project. It is a top 10 must see music videos, not for the music, but for originality.

music video

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For all the Rap Fans

Found this in a list on Mashable: 15 People Made Famous by the Internet in 2012

Special dedication for all the rap fans out there:

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Social Interest Network?!

This site is like a mini world of Bidus who recommend stuff… cool stuff? useful stuff? beautiful stuff? I don’t know. Have a look!


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Love Music? Love Berlin?

Over 2000 videos of artists playing for the Berlin Sessions. Discover your new favourite musician:



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Generators for the uncreatives

Are you a HR Manager? Business owner ? Executive Director ? Creativity is not written in your CV? Need to hire people?


More like this here (title generator).


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loneliness is not cool

a nice, but sad game about loneliness. dont be lonely, call a friend… now!

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The future is Interactive

This is a very short interactive film (?!) I came across, which you can watch on youtube:

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I came across Vice Magazine’s Youtube channel… and guess what Vice is not only about crazy articles, but also crazy documentaries and they’re pretty darn interesting …

start with Japan’s suicide forest … continue with Around the Balkans in 20 Days… it’s all good…


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Berlin Berlin

I moved to Berlin – crazy and ugly, seductive and rebellious.

The little big city…

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Holiday Time

It’s that time of the year when you and me and everyone we know wants to go on holiday, so what better recommendation that this:

A Flight checker that tells you the cheapest options to travel wherever you want.

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To be or not to be remembered?

What will the future generations know about your miserable life? I want them to know something about mine, so that’s why I’ll take part in this:

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from nuns to animal prostitution

have you ever dreamt of learning about animal prostitution by listening to a gentle female voice?

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another post

this is a post about my country written by a tourist and… I agree

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I always find myself disliking my website, my haircut, and … my CV. I came across this useful little site from where you can ‘steal’ ideas to make your CV pretty:

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Death Row

Most people do not know when and how they will die. Death Row inmates do. They are told the exact day, hour and minute of their death, including all the precise details, procedures and rituals of their execution.

Death Row is a documentary series written and directed by legendary feature filmmaker Werner Herzog, telling the fascinating and controversial story of crime and the death penalty. Over the period of a year, Herzog interviewed inmates in America as they awaited their death, uncovering brutal stories of rape and murder.


… and because I just can’t get enough of Herzog’s narrative voice.

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Software for creative storytellers

This is for all the storytellers out there… an interactive editor to make your work/life/creative birth process EA-SIER… i haven’t actually bought it yet, but next time i actually have a budget for a film i shall… It’s like a bowl of salad – add different media formats, text, maps, social media and sauce (klynt).

Ladies and gents I present to you Klynt and 3WDOC.

Klynt is an interactive editing and publishing application dedicated to creative storytellers. It is not free, but it is easy to use, pretty, and… it comes from the future.

3WDOC  is a versatile tool specifically designed to create and deliver rich media experiences optimized in HTML5 to run across the web: 3WDOC Studio = 3WDOC Player + 3WDOC Editor. This is FREE.

Do you like photography?

If you want to learn about photography, here is a free online course that you can sign up to …